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Greek Theatre


Located within Griffith Park, the historic Greek Theatre stands as one of the nation’s most beloved and recognized outdoor entertainment venues.
Throughout its history, the Greek has played host to some of the biggest legends in music – from Sir Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Carlos Santana and many more in between. This iconic venue has also served as a site for world recognized television shows and motion pictures. The history of the Greek Theatre dates to 1882, when Colonel Griffith J. Griffith, came to America from South Wales to seek fortune in gold mining. Colonel Griffith settled in Los Angeles and purchased the Los Feliz Rancho, which he later donated to the City of Los Angeles in 1896. This three-thousand-acre gift was given with the intent that Griffith Park would be made an eternal place of public recreation.
In 1928, the Greek Theatre’s cornerstone was laid, with the official building dedication on Sept. 25, 1930. The first seasons at the Greek provided operatic music and the first show on June 26, 1931, was attended by nearly 4,000 patrons. Seats in the first two sections sold for $1 and the remaining seats were free. During most of the 1940s, the Greek was used as a barracks during World War II.


Location Highlights
  • Greek Theater has won the Best Small Outdoor Venue award fifteen, as awarded by Pollstar Magazine.
  • Venue of the Year Medium Capacity was awarded to the Greek Theatre by Academy of Country Music in 2017.
  • International Entertainment Buyers Association awarded the Greek Theatre with Amphitheatre of the Year in 2017.
  • World recognized movie “A Star is Born” with Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga was filmed at the historic Greek Theatre.
  • The Greek Theater hosts 70 concerts each season from April to October and welcomes 300K patrons a year to the facility.
  • Greek Theatre GM Becky Colwell won 2017 IEBA Venue Executive of the Year!
  • In 2018, the City renewed the ASM Global, then SMG, management contract with the potential term to reach 10 years.
  • ASM Global committed $4 million for improvements to the Greek Theater in 2018
  • Franklin’s Café added to ASM Global’s portfolio with major renovation completed June 2019.
  • VIP Lounge remodel for opening of 2019 Season


Location Detail Information

Opening Date

  • June 26, 1931 (SMG Contract Start Date 11.1.15)

Length of Service

  • 4 years

Facility Owner

  • City of Los Angeles
  • Department of Recreation and Parks

Major Tenants

Seating Capacity

  • Amphitheater – 5,900
  • Premium Seating
  • Suites: (20)
  • VIP Seats: (22)

Facility Manager

  • ASM Global
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