DECEMBER 2, 2021


It is announced today that the ASM Global managed, ARENA Oberhausen in Germany will be renamed, after exactly 20 years flying the flag for the Koenig Brewery. Beginning 1 January 2022, the arena will be known as, Rudolf Weber-ARENA, in the largest naming rights real in the Oberhausen-based venue’s 25-year history.

WITH IT’S HEADQUARTERS IN ESSEN, GERMANY, RUDOLF WEBER GEBÄUDEREINIGUNG UND GEBÄUDEDIENSTE GMBH & CO. KG is one of the leading providers of building services, cleaning over 73,000 hectares every year.A family-run business with an impressive 85-year history as a trailblazer in its field is now managed by Andreas Weber, the third generation of the Weber Family. The company recently won the contract to provide cleaning services at ASM Global’s Oberhausen ARENA as well as other non-ASM Global venues in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany.

Andreas Weber, Managing Partner at Rudolf Weber said, "We are very pleased that the ARENA Oberhausen will bear our name from 2022 onwards. As a company that operates nationwide and is firmly rooted in the Ruhr region, it is both an honour and an obligation for us to be able to support the ARENA Oberhausen, which is known far beyond the region's borders, as a naming partner in the future."

This partnership between Rudolf Weber and ASM Global, the premier venue management and services company in the world, brings together two absolute professionals in facility management. Mirko Markfort, building General Manager for ASM Global said, "We are proud to have found another strong partner with whom we will be moving into the future alongside, and would like to extend a warm welcome to Rudolf Weber Gebäudereinigung. It is exciting to partner with a company whose values align so closely with ours here at ASM Global, including sustainability, safety and sanitization. What’s more, with many of Rudolf Weber’s employees based in the areas surrounding the venue, we are pleased to join forces to support the economy in the Ruhr region.”

The partnership between the two organizations is especially crucial in the modern world where hygiene and cleanliness are at the forefront. ASM Global’s VenueShield program, the industry-leading environmental hygiene protocol that is deployed at the venue, provides the highest levels of cleanliness and safety. Rudolf Weber will apply decades of experience and knowledge to the operation. Together the partnership will support efforts and measures that are already in place through AMS Global’s VenueShield, elevating the experience and enabling everyone to return to the venue with confidence.

With twelve Rudolf Weber locations in North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate and the supra-regional recognition of the company name, the excitement surrounding the introduction of the new Rudolf Weber ARENA will further amplify the position of the facility in the region.

"I can already promise one thing," Markfort continues. "We will continue to create unforgettable experiences for our guests under the new name 'Rudolf Weber-ARENA' - true to our motto 'Imagine the Experience!'"

While no longer the naming rights partner, König Pilsener, a brand of the Bitburger Brewery Group, will remain a partner of the ARENA Oberhausen, continuing to supply its range of beverages to all guests.

"The Ruhr region and the ARENA Oberhausen remain very close to our hearts," emphasizes Lisa Schwampe, Managing Director of König-Brauerei. "That is why we have strategically realigned our cooperation with the arena and successfully extended our contract for serving rights for beer and exclusive advertising rights into the future. We would like to thank the entire team at the König-Pilsener-ARENA for 20 years of successful, always cooperative and constructive collaboration to date and are proud to continue to be a partner of the arena. The trusting cooperation is a major reason why we have achieved the goals we set when we took over the naming rights and can now set a new focus. We are very pleased that visitors will continue to be able to enjoy König Pilsener in the arena. At the same time, we wish Rudolf Weber Gebäudedienste every success as well."

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